Usage of a restricted number of consecutive or-splits

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Only a restricted number of consecutive ‘or-splits’ (non-parallel gateways) should be used in process models to keep processes clear and comprehensible.

This rule defines how many non-parallel gateways can be stacked behind one another. Be aware that after a certain number of ‘or-splits’, a diagram may become unclear or hard to grasp all at once. In the Editor, you can limit the usage of non-parallel gateways in the ‘Setup’ menu under ‘Defining modeling conventions’.

The following gateways are non-parallel: exclusive (XOR) gateway, event-based gateway, inclusive gateway and the complex gateway (under certain conditions).

If this error is displayed, try to have less consecutive or-splits in your process model. You could model parts of the process in subprocesses, or try to model more of these Gateways in parallel than in succession. This rule ensures that models remain clear and easily comprehensible.